Furniture Glaze
Furniture Glaze


Furniture Glaze

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Bring out the details of your piece with Country Chic’s eco-friendly furniture glaze.

The clear glaze can be mixed with any Country Chic paint color in a 4 part glaze to 1 part paint ratio. The Tiger's Eye pre-tinted glaze is a mahogany brown with a warm undertone. The color Smoky Quartz is a dark chocolate, cooler brown. Our Graphite is a dark, cool grey, which dries almost black. Slate is a nice medium grey. Limestone is white which is perfect for creating a white-washed or lime-washed look. Sparkle dries clear with a beautiful, bright, glittery finish. Shimmer gives a subtle, pearlescent look.

Simply apply the glaze to your piece after your final coat of paint has dried completely. Just brush it on and use a damp lint-free cloth to remove the excess.

Country Chic's glaze can be used underneath Tough Coat or Wax, if desired. It is also suitable for exterior pieces.

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